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It's Time to Get Angry

Our taxpayer dollars are funding health care and preschool in other states, but not our own. The Governor has TWICE now refused to take our share of the federal tax dollars that we Hoosiers pay, first refusing $10.5 billion for Medicaid expansion and now refusing to take $80 million for Preschool expansion.

Our Governor says it's because he wants to do things the "Indiana Way." But I’m worried that taxpayers in other states will start to equate that with doing things the "Backward Way."

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Indiana, Inc.

The State Auditor is the Chief Financial Officer of the state of Indiana, and manages over $30 billion every year in taxpayer dollars. If Indiana were a company, it would place as #101 on the Fortune 500 list. If you were the owner of Indiana, Inc. ... would you appoint a politician or a CPA to be your CFO?

More about why I'm running here.

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