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Several years ago, my local Republican Township Trustee appointed me to a regional waste district board.  Members of that board attempted to change the governing rules over how board appointments were made because they did not agree with the policies of the Township Trustee.  I sided with the Township Trustee, even though she was of the opposite party, because she was the elected official that the people put into place.

The board members changed the rules anyway. 

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Cooking the Books


I have been a Certified Public Accountant for 35 years.  The key element of my profession is to make sure that clients submit accurate and factual financial information.

Later this week the state will announce that we have a budget surplus of approximately $2 billion. Unfortunately that budget surplus is the result of how much money they have not spent on legitimate government programs.  It is the result of not funding essential programs and not paying the bills associated with those programs.

If I didn’t pay my bills I would have a large surplus too!

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