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Save the Governor, Save the State

Standard and Poor’s just released a report saying that Indiana is one of the most at-risk states for losing a lot of its revenue due to the widening income gap. Why? Because when Hoosiers who are working full time don’t make a living wage, they don’t buy stuff, and sales tax revenues go down.

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The State Board of Pence

I've talked before about how we have had five State Auditors in less than one year – I’m not making that up, we have had three official State Auditors and two interim ones.

So I have submitted public records requests to the Auditor’s office to try and determine what the cost was to the taxpayers every time they had to change someone’s name on the door. The cost to taxpayers every time they had to stop doing the state’s work so that they could do a press conference and state tour to introduce a new official. The cost to taxpayers every time they had to set up a new payroll.

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