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I Will Put Audit Back in the Auditor's Office

In recent years, more than half a billion dollars was misplaced by state government without being detected by the Auditor of State, the agency created in our Constitution to detect and correct financial errors in state government.

Rather than task the Auditor of State with finding a solution for these accounting errors, we have seen a succession of Auditors of State resigning, appointed, resigning and appointed again.  For the past year, none of the five appointed or acting Auditors have suggested any solutions to help detect or prevent the types of accounting errors missed by their office. 

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Rhetoric V. Reality

If more people are working, and therefore have an income, then revenues from the income tax should be up, not down. But as economist and Purdue Professor Larry DeBoer pointed out in a column recently, “there was no recession in fiscal 2014" yet revenues from the individual income tax dropped anyway, and "the income tax drop was not due to lower tax rates.”

If the unemployment rate really has gone down, and if the Governor has brought new jobs to Indiana – then why has there been a drop in revenue from the individual income tax? Could it be because the new jobs don’t pay well enough?

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