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Figures Don't Lie...

Today we celebrate Labor Day, where we reflect on the contributions made by hardworking men and women in this country. For a long time, a strong Middle Class was the backbone of our economy.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen a disturbing trend in the wages of those hardworking Americans and Hoosiers lately, where incomes have been falling even as productivity increases. Folks from both sides of the aisle have taken note: Bill Gross, the founder and CEO of PIMCO, recently wrote an article that was printed in the Indianapolis Star that stated, “Income equality is good for business.”[1] I couldn’t agree more.

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My Ethics Pledge


I have always worked during my professional career as a Certified Public Accountant to provide honest and factual advice to all of my clients.  That means always speaking clearly, always having the highest ethical standards and always complying with local, state and federal laws. 

As your State Auditor, I will bring that same commitment and integrity into the halls of state government.

When Republican Governor Robert Orr appointed me as the Deputy Director of the State Board of Accounts, it was my job to work with local prosecutors on white-collar crime investigations. Together we sought to correct the breaches in ethical standards in state and local government in Indiana.

Now we see flagrant actions that violate any reasonable standards of ethical conduct. What good are ethics commissions or Inspectors General that whitewash those breaches and impose minimal or no punishment?  Things have gone terribly wrong when elected and appointed officials arrogantly move forward with no worry of getting caught.

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